“ReFunct Modular” is a series of multimedia sculptures that (re)uses numerous “obsolete” electronic devices (digital and analogue media players and receivers). “ReFunct Modular” as an installation, experiments and explores unchallenged possibilities of ‘obsolete’ electronic and digital media technologies and our relationship with technologies and consumption.

This is a group project from Benjamin Gaulon’s workshop at the Re:Search Lab. The work was also exhibited at SIGN Gallery in Groningen.

Benjamin Gaulon: http://recyclism.com/

Other participant artists are:
Martina Dal Brollo: http://www.martinadalbrollo.com/
Joowon Jung: https://joowonjung.com/
Lan Hsin Tu:https://www.tulanhsin.com/
Vanina Tsvetkova: http://vaninatsvetkova.com/