Snow, Sheng Jie 盛 婕 (Taiyuan, 1993) holds a Master of Arts degree in Fine Art and Design – MADtech from Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, and a Bachelor in Design degree in Industrial Design from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia. Traveling and experiencing different cultures are her biggest interests, if you have a chance to meet her, ask her about some adventurous stories, they’ll surely surprise you.

In a lot of her work, Sheng (her last name) explores human perception in dark space, where our senses deviate from when being under the light. Through using light and shadow techniques, Sheng shares different layers of objects or messages in a calm and curious setting. In dark, the audiences’ focus drifts from themselves to the environment, creating a more natural experience. The ephemerality of light and shadow adds a sense of freedom during the creative process, which has become the main research medium in Sheng’s artistic practice

Another source of inspiration for Sheng comes from the small moments in life, which trigger common memories between herself and the multi-cultural space she engages in. With the exceeding amount of advertisements and new products poured into our daily life, the simplicity of joy is fading away among ourselves. By observing and recreating ordinary objects and moments, and accentuating their genuine quality, Sheng finds a spontaneous connection with the audience regardless of their backgrounds.