Phantom (2020 – 2022) is a series of works documenting the observation of water refraction patterns.

There are about 50 glass vases collected from thrift stores and neighbors. On sunny days I fill them with water, observe and experiment with the movement of the shadows when the light hit through water. It creates a moment of subtlety to take in the visual qualities of water.

In the refractions, I see patterns that are organically formed within the water. They are like phantoms to me which are captured under the camera lens. The patterns trigger my imagination and become visible objects that relate to memories.

Over time I learned to accept the sun as a friend and, now, a colleague to work with. Sunlight plays an important role for me to communicate with water as well as the outside world during the “lockdown”. When it is cloudy, I find alternative light sources to keep exploring the magic of water.

Water is also an important element for me to use in this work. I relate it to my own ability to adapt to environments, and how my personality or identity is not fixed or restricted to my background or the current surroundings. Like water, which can take on different forms depending on the environment, I am able to adjust, gaining a form of stability out of continuously changing.

NP3, Groningen. 12-2020

This project also initiate connections with the audience. Regardless our background and status, we all have seen this effect in everyday life. The mesmerizing and slightly hypnotizing setup share a moment of tranquility in this busy world.

NP3, Groningen. 12-2020
View from the outside of gallery NP3, Groningen. 12-2020 Credit: Jan Tengbergen
LUNA Young Masters (Media Art Friesland) Leeuwarden, Netherlands 03.2022

Material: Glass, water, light, servo motor, fishing wire, projector.
Exhibition: Tales of the Unseen, Master Edition #5, NP3, Groningen. 12-2020
LUNA Young Masters (Media Art Friesland) Leeuwarden, Netherlands 03-2022

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