From March to June 2020, from the studio to my bedroom to the photography studio. The situation changed so fast that I didn’t know how to react. I went through being surprised – clueless – frustrated – diligent, and finally enjoyable. It was a true challenge both physically and mentally: How to develop the work? How to restart again? How to convert the limited space? How to find equipment? How to hack the room? All these questions have come to me one after another while I was still going through the same challenging emotional phase because of the pandemic. When the academy finally opened again, I found myself already adapted to the bedroom working vibe and needed time to adjust back to the studio routine.

Looking back at these unbelievable three months, I do feel myself growing and learning even the situation was different. It is, in the end, the passion for water, light, and shadow kept me moving forward. The images on this page summarize some of the working environment during this period.